Stevie - Manager

Our  love affair with healthy hair continues into 2014. Try and move away from the  pristine, primped, ‘I've just spent 10 hours in the salon look’  and get yourself something slightly less effortless and care free but still with interest and movement throughout. Think slight bends and kinks towards the ends of the hair instead of uniform waves and polished curls.  ‘Tousled’ is the word for this summer!

If you’ve got curly or wavy hair, you’re in luck and should have no excuse! Summer hair should be easy for you. Work with what you’ve got, be proud that’s its natural. If you aren’t so fortunate then it should still be easy to create that beached hair, all you need is the right products and a little lesson on how to achieve the look. (scroll down)

Top Products for Summer Hair:

Bed Head Totally Baked – work this into wet hair from root to tip dry how you fancy and instantly get more bite and substance from your hair.

Bed Head On The Rebound – this is great for controlling that movement in your hair. Again work this into wet hair and either scrunch or diffuse dry your hair to get curl and wave that’s controlled but something that’s going to last the journey in the humid conditions so you don’t end up looking like Scary Spice (no offence Mel)

Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Dry Shampoo - once you dried your hair be generous with this product and blast it into your hair for more volume and get that festival chic look

GHD Curl Hold Sprayspray this through once you’ve dried your hair for when you’re feeling creative and are going to use the GHDs to put some movement through your hair if you don’t have it naturally.

Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo & Conditioner your hair is going to be put through a lot this summer so you’ve got to be looking after in the shower. Think of this as rehab for your hair. It’s massively nourishing and will put the moisture back into your hair and get it feeling how hair is supposed to feel.

Below is step-by-step guide from the guys at GHD on how to create a summer style with GHD Stylers.

1. Take a small section of hair

2. Place hair between styler plates, twist 90° away from face and pull through to the ends

3. This creates a ribbon curl


4. Take the next section of hair and repeat the curl, this time turning the styler towards the face

5. You will now have curls that go in two different directions

6. Alternate sections until all hair has been curled


7. Comb through hair from the underneath to loosen the curls and create tousled texture


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